Product Description

AccuScale ®-DP

Use with DotProducts’ DPI-8 for rapid, high-accuracy results

Our AccuScale-DP scale bar kit greatly improves scanning accuracy and convenience when paired with DotProduct’s DPI-8 handheld 3D scanner. By integrating this artifact with the DPI-8’s intelligent software (Phi.3D v2.1 or later), users can fully automate workflows that simplify data acquisition, improve frame registration and achieve better global accuracy.

Reference artifacts commonly help qualify 3D point clouds to assure scanners measure correctly. AccuScale-DP goes a step further to scale the point cloud more accurately than a scanner is capable by itself. Three 2-meter bars may be assembled to establish scale for x, y, and z. A positionable April tag on each end of each bar allows the DPI-8 scanner to automatically detect and assign the correct scale bar length. The April tags also double as “registration” targets to automatically stitch scan frames together. 

When scanning in extreme environments, the bars’ expansion or contraction is managed with input from a certified thermometer included in the kit. A watertight plastic case with foam insert protects the components. 

The kit contains components to assemble two 2-meter horizontal bars (with removable plastic feet), and one 2-meter vertical bar with a repositionable rod which keeps the April tag off the ground. Additionally, scale bars may be assembled in different configurations to meet specific project needs.

Component Description

Permanent Vertical Attachment

B 1 meter Aluminum Tube with Protective Sleeve (6)

April Tag Assembly (6)


Stainless Steel Connecting Screw (5)

E Certified Thermometer

Removable Foot (5)

G Vertical Extension Rod with Swivel Foot 
H Case with Custom Foam Insert


DotProduct System Requirements:
Phi.3D v2.1 or later
Aluminum Tubing:
1.25″ diameter with stainless steel threaded end caps
Finish: Oil and stain resistant PVC jacket, black
Length Uncertainty:
With 95% confidence = 0.85mm for a 1.2 meter bar assembly + 0.13mm for each additional meter
Plastic case with custom foam insert
52″ L x 13″ W  x 7″ H (1321mm x 330mm x 178mm)
Approx Weight:
Kit and Case: 37 lbs (17 kg)
Shipping: 40 lbs (18.2 kg)


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