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Sawmill Alignment Kit

Get more good boards out of every log

Sawmills everywhere are faced with demands for tighter tolerances and increased production on aging machinery. But one common problem is often overlooked in this quest for higher performance: machine alignment. Poorly aligned equipment is a hidden drain on time and money. It is a major contributor to breakdowns, lost production and waste. Now, a simple, fast and affordable in-house solution is available.

Critical sawmill quality measurements of Recovery, Deviation and Wedge are greatly improved through optical alignment. This solution can be applied to all sawmill machine centers, some of which include primary breakdown lines, secondary breakdown lines, head rigs, horizontal re-saws, edgers, trimmers, gang saws and planers. Implementing the system takes no time as millwrights already have the necessary skills. Take your mill maintenance program to the next level with the Sawmill Alignment Kit.

Sawmill Alignment Kit Components

Sawmill alignment kit components

Legend 9105 English Kit 9105-M Metric Kit
A 771-H190 jig transit 771-H190M jig transit
B 6003 3″ scale  6080M 80mm scale
C 6010 10″ scale  6250M 250mm scale
D 6020 20″ scale  6500M 500mm scale
E 567 V-block/scale holder 
F 567-A magnetic scale holder 
G 802-S cross slide 
H 568 shaft squareness target 
n.a. Rugged, rolling case (pictured below) 

9105 Sawmill alignment kit in case


Instrument771-H190 or 771-H190M Jig transit
Pelican case: Includes custom foam insert



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Sawmill Alignment Overview Video