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Product Description

1.5THDN-B Bolt-On Drift Nest

Another mounting option for a temporary nest

The 1.5THDN-B bolt-on drift nest provides a very secure option for mounting a reference point anywhere in the measurement volume. Use a #10 (or M5) cap screw to secure this target in any desired location, creating a fixed yet removable mount. This adapter contains a front-mounted magnet to hold the SMR in place.  Attach these adapters to machine tools, concrete floors and pillars, posts, stands, or just about anything else when a secure installation is required. When you’re finished, simply remove the adapter for use on the next project. Works with a 1.5″ diameter SMR. You may wish to look at similar products like the 1.5THDN and 1.5THEDN.

May Be Used With

Any 1.5″ diameter SMR



Adapter size:
1.600″ (40.6mm) diameter by 0.5″ (12.7mm) high
Approx. distance to center of SMR:
1.125″ (28.6mm) above base of the adapter
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Hard anodized (black)


PDF Download Drawing

Brunson 1.5THDN-B drawing

PN: 1.5THDN-B Category: .