Case Study: Sawmill Alignment

Company Profile

The Teal-Jones Group is a Canadian, Integrated Forest Products company based in British Columbia which specializes in quality Western Red Cedar and Whitewood lumber products. Their products are exported throughout the world and have earned them a reputation as being one of North America’s premier producers, manufacturers and distributors.

The Challenge

Like many mills, the economic downturn has challenged the company to increase profitability levels while volumes waned. Noel Segarty, Maintenance Manager, recognized “good enough is no longer good enough” and began looking for ways to improve recovery.

The Solution

In late 2011 Head Saw Filer, Bryce Finlayson learned of a Brunson solution that had been field proven for industrial precision alignment problems. The solution offered by Brunson included not only precision instruments, but also the knowledge and training of its application in sawmills. Although Teal-Jones considered their current machine center alignments as “good enough”, there was strong interest about the Brunson solution and what it could provide.

An on-site assessment by the Brunson team revealed “good enough” was actually contributing to deviations in excess of 0.100”, bad bearings, wobbling infeed rolls in the primary breakdown, straight edge feeds misaligned to the board edger as well as other machine centers needing attention.

As a result, Brunson was contracted for an extended engagement to work with the Teal-Jones team to confirm the moves and assess additional machine centers. Teal-Jones provided skilled craftsmen in the disciplines of saw filer, electrician and millwrights.

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